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Missed Connection

You were like a model, white trench coat, black skirt and leather shoes. From the first station, waiting in line for the next train our eyes locked. I felt embarrassed and I looked down immediately as we proceeded to make our way onto the train. You sat across to my left, and I kept my head down for most of the ride on the crowded train, thinking about what I was going to say. I had the idea of asking if you were tumblr famous, but I hesitated. Five stops later. We finally got to our stop. We both got up at the same time and locked eyes once again, short smiles from both of us as we got off the train. I kept quiet and I thought that was it. I took the stairs because the escalator was slow, and what were the odds, as I ran to the bottom of the stairs to get to the buses, you were next to me and I still kept quiet. You went the opposite direction. While waiting for my bus to arrive, I looked up at one passing by. At the back of the bus was you, your head turning to look back, and we locked eyes for the last time and again I put my head down. I really wish I had said something. 

I’m not gonna waste my time playing games.